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User guidelines

by Admin last modified Jan 20, 2011 03:26 PM is committed to the principles of Open Access and aims at the idea of web 2.0. You are very welcome to download and distribute all content offered on the platform within the limits of copyright restrictions. The comment function enables you to give your opinion on »classic« reviews of our co-operating journals as well as on presentations of monographs, articles and online resources.

In addition you are free to write presentations of your own works. You should try to write more comments than presentations to help create »live reviews«, that is lively commented text presentations. Users who have already published comments on will therefore get more characters to present their own works.

Please note that your contributions will not immediately be visible online. The editorial team will examine incoming comments to secure the platform’s scholarly claim and to prevent insults, threats and political, religious or extremist contents. The editorial team reserves its right to change incoming posts accordingly.

It takes one to three working days to publish a comment. Where necessary the editorial team will add metadata and/or subject indexing data to incoming presentations to make them most visible. They will appear on the platform after about three to five days.