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Alexander Schunka: Lutheran Confessional Migration (presented by Alexander Schunka)

Read and comment on the summary of an article originally published on 17 July 2012 on EGO. The following text (which is shorter than presentations on usually are) is identical to the article abstract on EGO. You can freely access the original article at

This article focuses on the mobility of Lutheran communities in early modern Europe. The emphasis is on emigrations from the Habsburg territories during the time of re-catholicization in the late 16th century until the early 18th century. To shed light on the specific conditions and processes of the Lutheran confessional migration, these waves of migration will be considered in the context of the early modern migration movements in general, but also situated in the contemporary developments regarding confessional politics and piety. Besides the migration processes themselves, this article looks at the possibilities of settlement and integration for Lutheran migrants; special attention will also be given to the cultural transfers that took place in the context of migration, as well as to the communication structures and the formation of particular immigrant traditions.