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Nordost-Archiv. Zeitschrift für Regionalgeschichte N.F. (NOA)

The "Northeast-Archive" focuses on the history of Northeastern Europe. The journal publishes about 20 reviews each year.


The journal Nordost-Archiv. Zeitschrift für Regionalgeschichte. Neue Folge [Northeast-Archive. Journal for Regional History. New series] deals with the history and cultural history of those regions in Northeastern Europe which were inhabited by both Germans and other ethnical groups as majorities or minorities. The historical development of the Baltic states, Poland and Russia was (also) significantly influenced by the diversity of ethnic groups, languages, cultures and denominations. Considering this, Nordost-Archiv sees itself as a journal which methodologically focuses upon questions regarding both regional and relational history as well as cultural studies, in order to study and document the particularly multinational constellation in Northeastern Europe.

Since the history of the Germans in Northeastern Europe is in many ways linked to Germany's domestic and foreign policies, German politics (including the various back and forth effects within the region) is an important key aspect of the topics studied in the journal.

The individual volumes, which are published annually, deal with specific thematic complexes; apart from members of the institute staff, further scholars are involved in the editorial process. The thematic focus and consistency make the Nordost-Archiv stand out from the mass of scholarly journals. Since 2011, the journal has been published as a refereed journal.

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