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Südost-Forschungen. Internationale Zeitschrift für Geschichte, Kultur und Landeskunde Südosteuropas

In its extensive review section the "South East European Studies" offer a vast overview of the current literature on the history of Southeastern Europe in all relevant languages.

Suedostforschung (cover)

The journal Suedost-Forschungen [South East European Studies], which has been published since 1936, is the Suedost-Institut’s platform for historical research on Southeastern Europe. It is interdisciplinary and open for texts on all periods from Byzantium to contemporary history. In its extensive review section Suedost-Forschungen offers a broad range of the current specialist literature in all relevant languages. A crucial element of the journal is the internationality of its authors, namely from Southeastern Europe.

The main focus of the journal are texts on the history of Southeastern Europe. Apart from that, it features articles on geography, art, literature, religious studies, economy, linguistics and regional studies when clearly connected to the history of Southeastern Europe. Not least thanks to the contributions of authors from Southeastern Europe and from Western countries the annually published Suedost-Forschungen has turned into a leading periodical of the international research on Southeastern Europe.

The journal consists of an article section and a large review section. While manuscripts can also be submitted in any Southeastern European language, all contributions will be published in German or English, sometimes also in French or Italian.

The reviews are published on six months after the initial release (Moving Wall).

  • Editors
    Ulf Brunnbauer und Konrad Clewing
  • Publisher
    Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag
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